I will be turning 30 next month (yes, thirty)! *This is post 1 of 2*

Yesterday on my way to the fridge for my husband, I realized that I have been with this man for all of my twenties. It's crazy. And I think the way that our relationship started was a recipe for relationships that do not last long. 

This exact time of the year, nearly 10 years ago I was living alone in a apartment. I was depressed. Not so depressed that I had suicidal thoughts, but I was definitely doing things that could've gotten me hurt. I'll have to do another post about that one day. Anyway, I was with this guy who was a loser and didn't deserve me (because you have to be with at least two or three of them in your lifetime). This guy, who was tall and cute and looked silly driving in a car that was too small for him, he and I had a tiny bit of history when we hooked up, and so I overlooked lots of things.

Like the fact that he lived at home with his parents and had no job for a while (goodness! I think I might've been the loser). As soon as this guy got himself a job he started to cheat on me. And me, the dummy, wanted to forgive him and keep him. 

One night in January, almost 10 years ago, I was on the floor of my apartment in tears. I thought I had appendicitis. I thought I was gonna die! 

It didn't bother me all that much. 


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My life was kinda sad. I was hanging out with the wrong kind of people, (again, another post) except for when I was with my best friend. My green goblin of a car had broken down for the last time and I had to walk back and forth from a part time job in cold, snowy weather!

Even though death had not scared me as much as it should have, I still made calls. My aunts came over to my house. They helped me down the stairs and put me in the backseat of the car to drive me to the hospital. 

I couldn't tell you the diagnosis for sure. It seemed like there were so many things I had wrong. I can tell you that I had a STD though (of course I did!) And this little fact only resulted in more months of depression. 

I'm out of time. Not apart of the story, I really am out of writing time. Sorry for the abruptness. My husband had surgery on his knee and it's been a long week of me not getting much done and I have lots of other tasks to cross off the list. Part 2 will be up soon.

STD, though! What a cliffhanger, right? Promise I didn't plan that:) 

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