I love libraries and bookstores. I love browsing online, too. They both have separate experiences. I don't find the same kind of books. Each one gives me something different.

It blows my mind.

Think I'm going to start posting once a week, 3 books that may be old, or new, that I've discovered. Maybe you might add one to your TBR😉


Samson and Denial - by Robert Ford (via Goodreads)

Samson Gallows is an average guy. He loves his wife, loses more than he wins, and lives his days in the gray zone between right and wrong.

After a junkie walks into his pawnshop with a mummified head, Samson is thrown into a downward spiral through the streets of Philadelphia, getting more blood on his hands wherever he goes.

In 24 hours, Samson learns how deep betrayal can run, how strong the bonds of love are, and that winning can sometimes require sacrificing everything—including himself.


Avengers of the Moon - by Allen Steele Goodreads

The solar system needs a hero and it's about to get one in an old-fashioned pulp adventure with modern sensibility.

It was an age of miracles. It was an era of wonder. It was a time of troubles. It was all these things and more . . . except there were no heroes.Naturally, one had to be created.

Curt Newton has spent most of his life hidden from the rest of humankind, being raised by a robot, an android, and the disembodied brain of a renowned scientist. This unlikely trio of guardians has kept his existence a closely guarded secret since the murder of Curt's parents.

Curt's innate curiosity and nose for trouble inadvertently lead him into a plot to destabilize the Solar Coalition and assassinate the president. There's only one way to uncover the evil mastermind—Curt must become Captain Future.

With the permission of the Edmond Hamilton estate, Allen Steele revives the exciting adventures of Captain Future.

BEFORE YOU GO ON: This next cover is not the prettiest, but read the premise 😉 


 The White Hotel - by D.M. Thomas Goodreads

It is a dream of electrifying eroticism and inexplicable violence, recounted by a young woman to her analyst, Sigmund Freud. It is a horrifying yet restrained narrative of the Holocaust. It is a searing vision of the wounds of our century, and an attempt to heal them. Interweaving poetry and case history, fantasy and historical truth-telling, The White Hotel is a modern classic of enduring emotional power that attempts nothing less than to reconcile the notion of individual destiny with that of historical fate.


I started Storm Front (Dresden Files 1) this week. I would've never picked this book up because I don't like the covers. I ABSOLUTELY HATE BOOKS WITH ILLUSTRATED PEOPLE on the cover, and I'm not really digging the old looking artwork. I tried it because of a comment on Reddit, which described the writing as a cinematic feel. I'm several chapters in. There's no cinematic feel to me, but the story is entertaining. I will eventually read the whole series.

I usually can't stand detective/procedural type stories (can only tolerate movies. Television shows are a no-go for me, too. Except for Awake. I loved it, but it was canceled after the first season 😭)


Have you added anything interesting to your pile lately?