I've been on a full on writing kick. It's been long nights and early mornings but I've been determined to get more content out and I like the pace I'm moving at, for now.

I'm excited that I'll have a novella out in a couple of weeks, and since I've closed down my Patreon page (a place where I was offering exclusive content to readers who were willing to donate small amounts of cash each month to help my creative endeavors) I'll be able to post here a lot more. There will be scene drafts, cover reveals, story extras, etc.

Yesterday my workflow had to come to a halt; migraine. I hate it when this happens. There are some times when you can soldier on, then there are other times when it is absolutely a no-go. Luckily, it only lasted the day:

I say that because my migraines can last for two, or three days. It's not just the fact that I can't read or write when it happens, but having to bury myself in the darkness when it is beautiful outside and my kids wanna be out in the sun.

Sorry kids.

DeviantArt called it a brain-storm. I call it the brain monster.

Both feel right.

Anything that should not be in your head could be a possible name. I've been to the Neurologist. I stopped after a few appointments that felt useless to me. Maybe one day I'll try again.

In the meantime, this is an older post, but I was browsing DeviantArt and found it. Make sure you see the gallery at the bottom of the post. I swear it is so spot on!

Like this one: