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Not a Violent Bone & Other Stories

Prankster ghosts. Mind-altering ingredients. A perfect pack of psychological fear and paranormal panic.

Seven easily digestible short stories to unsettle your soul.

 A brawl breaks out when the neighborhood confidant falls under a spell and spills savory secrets at the block-party barbecue. A boy struggles to keep his cool when he’s cloned by his parents before recovering from his coma.

And George just wants the woman he married back, when his marriage implodes after his wife’s disfiguring accident. But he gets more than he bargained for when an encounter with a witch has deadly consequences. 

From a spirit stuck inside a shoebox in the attic to wild rumors of alien abductions, the most tantalizing lessons are found in the bizarre nooks and crannies of life… and death.

Not a Violent Bone & Other Stories is a chilling collection of short stories. If you like thought-provoking frights, sharp shots of sarcasm, and disquieting tales that linger long after reading, then you’ll love TNae Wilcox’s compendium.

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Hard to put down

...you see the characters develop nicely, even though the stories are short. not an easy  feat...

-Neil (Amazon)

Really, really good

Enjoyed the book a lot. each story was well written and entertaining. definitely want to read more from the author.

-ChiTownBookLover (Amazon)

Peculiar short, creepy tales

I love short, creepy tales. TNae Wilcox's sampling in this ebook was very entertaining. Definitely has given me some inspiration on future tales that I want to write as well.

-JC (Amazon)